Friday, July 02, 1993

First Foundation Setting Out To Colonize The Milky Way Galaxy

From Vol. 1 No. 1 First Foundation News July, 1993

In 1992, author and futurist Marshall T. Savage of Rifle, Colorado, USA, completed writing and published The Millennial Project, a provocative, extensively researched book that integrates seven proposed major steps leading to colonization of the galaxy. These endeavors are described briefly as follows:

+1) Aquarius - The initial phase of space colonization, involves inhabiting the oceans and generating the planet-healing technology, wealth, and know-how to prepare for life in space. Aquarian colonies use ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology to produce electrical power, fresh water, and bountiful food supplies from mariculture.

+2) Bifrost - Constructing a bridge to space. The second phase builds a cost-efficient system wherein a launch capsule is accelerated to high speed inside an evacuated tunnel by means of electromagnetic levitation. As the capsule emerges from the launch tube, atop a high equatorial mountain, it is propelled on into orbit by an array of lasers. At the end of this phase, the first permanent outpost in space will be created.

+3) Asgard - Establishing habitable ecospheres in earth orbit. During this phase, we will live self-sufficiently in space and begin tapping the extraordinarily rich environment that awaits a culture no longer gravitationally bound to Earth.

+4) Avalon - Creating domed ecospheres in craters on the moon. This phase initially supports the construction and supply of Asgard and leads to proliferation of life's diversity to other planets, beginning with Mars.

+ 5) Elysium - Terraforming Mars. Early expeditions to Mars, via its conveniently placed moons, will establish outposts on the red planet that will help supply Asgard and Avalon. First, Lunar-style ecospheres, then a complete planetary ecosystem will be established.

+ 6) Solaria - Breathing life into the whole solar system. In this phase we will inhabit and mine the asteroid belt, the Jovian moons, and other planetary bodies.

+7) Galactica - Finally, we will break the bonds of our home star and carry the precious spark of Life with us to the stars.

In conjunction with publication of Marshall's book through Empyrean Publishing Ltd. of Denver, Colorado, the First Millennial Foundation was established. Referred to simply as "First Foundation," in honor of the late great Isaac Asimov, the Foundation is intended to carry out the plan of action described in The Millennial Project. The end result will be a human civilization spanning the Milky Way Galaxy.

As the book's title suggests, The Millennial Project unfolds across the entire Third Millennium. But even very long journeys must begin with a first step.

The first step in effecting the Millennial Project is to create a demonstration space colony right here on Earth. To this end, First Foundation will be building New Atlantis on an island in the Caribbean. (see Site of New Atlantis Discovered )

The people of First Foundation are embarked on the most exciting adventure of all history, past or future. We are setting out to enliven the universe and we need your help! Join us in our quest to fulfill the ultimate destiny of mankind. Help us build floating cities at sea that will feed mankind and reverse the destruction of our planetary environment. Become part of the movement that will establish new ecologies in the craters of the Moon and transform Mars into a living world. You can become a Supporting Member of the Foundation for an annual contribution of $25. As a Member of the Foundation, you will receive a subscription to First Foundation News!, special updates, and invitations to Foundation events, including our annual convention.

Please, mail in the subscription form or contact us at P.O. Box 347, 125 W. 4th St., Suite 204, Rifle, CO, USA,(303) 625-2815, or on Internet:

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