Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boostrapping to Space

Marshall's book was mentioned in the latest episode of Blog Talk Radio during an interview with Donald Jacques about his new book:

The Homestead Project, 12 Steps to a Permanent Lunar Settlement

by Donald Jacques

You are watching TV one week night, jumping channels trying to avoid the usual fare of reality TV, when you see people in spacesuits. But these are not the hi-tech suits you'd expect in a sci-fi show, but this stuff looks like NASA. You stop for a moment and watch. Wait! These are real people! This, is Survivor: Space. These people are on the show to be selected for the first team of four settlers to be launched to the moon. And not some distant launch, but THIS YEAR! Whoa! How did they get there? How was it paid for? When can I get on the show - wait, do I really want to go? Hmmmmmm.

The book is available from AZ Publishing Services. Thanks, Don! Great interview!