Thursday, February 01, 2007

Huge Reservoirs of Water on Mars?

According to this article: "Mars is losing little water to space, according to new research, so much of its ancient abundance may still be hidden beneath the surface."


Earthlight is a very nice science fiction manga set on a Lunar settlement in the mid-21st century.
The year: 2068 A.D. The place: Earthlight, the first international moon colony. It's a domed complex of cold steel and carbon nanotubes, sterile and metallic, run by ironclad rules and regulations. Population: 228 adults—and 42 kids. Earthlight is a very expensive and controversial project, and life there is tense and difficult. Safety regulations must be obeyed to the letter. And the kids' parents are all under enormous pressure, which both contributes to the burden they place on their children and means they have very little family time in their schedules. So the kids must find their own way most of the time...

And sometimes, they get into trouble—as in the case of a recent catastrophic accident where five adults and three children died. So the U.N. hires Aaron Cole, a new administrator, to oversee Earthlight. Cole's wife, Leyla, is to establish and operate Earthlight Academy, the colony's first organized school—with their fourteen-year-old son, Damon, as one of the first students.

The high-tech, high-stress setting of Earthlight's lunar colony reflects and magnifies the problems of regular kids today. Like their parents, these teens must forge their own forms of survival and cooperation—if they're to succeed in this harsh new world.

Inflatable Habitats for Polar and Space Settlers

While the LUF has championed the settlement of the seas and space, there is still another frontier, which is the arctic and antarctic regions of our planet. There is a proposal to build inflatable habitat domes in Antarctica, which should prepare us to build similar habitats on other planetary surfaces such as Mars, Luna, or (perhaps) Titan.