Thursday, July 01, 1993

Welcome to the First Millenial Foundation!

Welcome to The First Millennial Foundation. We are an organization dedicated to a simple, but cosmic proposition: That the Earth is the only planet in the universe (as far as we know) where the miracle of Life occurs, and that our place in the grand scheme of things is to act as the heralds of Prometheus -- carrying the sacred Gene spark with us into space. We humans are the harbingers of Life to an otherwise sterile cosmos. The Earth is the sole seed in the midst of infinite desolation. From this single seed will grow nothing less than a living universe. It is our purpose to spark this transformation. The Creative Force has gone to considerable trouble and expense to evolve and nurture our species. Large chunks of the ecosphere have been sacrificed for our benefit. Now the bill is due. It is time to fulfill our role on the cosmic stage. We must gather our forces, concentrate our energies, and make the leap to space. The clarion call of destiny summons us. Now we must answer, and carry Life with us to the stars!

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