Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LUF-Radio, May 21 2011

The May 21st episode of LUF Radio ran into some technical difficulties, and so our Secretary Tom Hansen recorded a short review and introduction to the Millenial Project by Marshall T. Savage and an interview with Harold Frost about advanced propulsion technology.

In the first segment, Tom mentions that all of the LUF Board meetings and LUF Radio recording on our website, which you can view here: Media Files. You can also go here to listen to the entire episode.

In the second segment, Tom and Harold give an introduction to how to access the stored files on the Yahoo Group for LUF-Team. You are welcome to join the mailing list on the website and see the files associated with this interview here: LUF-Team Files for May 21, 2011. Below is the text of the links file mentioned:

Warp Drive Links provided by Harold Frost for Advanced Technology Segment

LUF Radio for 2011/05/21

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