Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Lunar Apollo Museum Proposal

I was born about 10 years after the final manned Lunar landing. Hell, I am too young to even remember the Challenger disaster. Considering that humans have not left LEO since the Apollo era, this seems like an amazing accomplishment. For people who remember it, the event still stands out as one of the greatest events in the history of humanity. However, there are many who do not believe that humans have actually been there. This Apollo hoax conspiracy theory even warranted its own Wikipedia entry. With the loss of Apollo tapes, allegations have recently resurfaced. I think that we need to settle this debate once and for all.

So here is my proposal: We send more men to the moon to confirm whether or not this happened. There have been many artifacts left on the moon, including this plaque.

If man really did land on the moon, the the artifacts, including vehicles, footprints, the flag, and plaques should be there. In this case, we build a museum where the plaque and the first footsteps are. If not, then whoever is there to investigate will go down in history as being the first to walk on the moon.

The museum could become one of the first major tourist destinations on the moon.

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