Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Genetically Altering Food Flavors

Most parents have to force their children to eat vegetables. But what if you could make those brussel sprouts taste like ice cream? Then kids (and adults too) would not be able to eat enough of those. From Seed Magazine:
Scientists at HortResearch, a biotechnology company in New Zealand, are isolating the genes that produce flavor in fruit. Their ultimate goal is the development of a technique that will allow large-scale production of compounds identical to the fruit's natural enzymes. "The idea is that the flavor will be more realistic," said Richard Newcomb, a scientist at HortResearch.
That is very good news for wannabe space settlers. In the early years of space settlement, the settlers will not be able to grow the variety of food that they wish. They might have to be forced to eat some nasty veggies because they grow the best in a small closed biosphere. And keep in mind that they won't have seasonings with them to help flavor their food. Perhaps, after the settlement grows to a sufficient size, they will be able to grow anything they want. But in the meantime, it is lettuce, soybeans, and wheat. But genetically altering their flavors can make eating a much more enjoyable experience than otherwise. Besides, after a day (however long the day is wherever you are at) of hard work, wouldn't you want to retire the day to a tasty meal?

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  1. Tobasco Sauce is likely to be a serious trade good, just as spices were in the days of old. I'd say it's worth at least $1000/lb to me(present day launch price btw) if I'm some poor colonist stuck eating seaweed and algae crackers.

    BTW, I have a bit of a post on nanotechnology on my blog. I was wondering what you think about it.