Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Geodesic domes

Geodesic domes: 'Doing more with less' | CNET

I thought that this was an interesting article about geodesic domes. It begins with a CNET writer's personal experience with geodesic domes and a discussion about Pacific Domes, one of the leading dome kit supliers in the U.S. In the comments section, Timberline Geodesics is listed as an alternative supplier.

I mention geodesic domes, because I was wondering if any thought had been put into using them as a basis for ocean homesteading or colonization? I imagine a spherical house boat surrounded by a hexagonal deck would be quite a site. Also, multiple decks could be linked into a growing community of sea domes.

The material and energy efficiency of these domes could also be enhanced by some combination solar power, wind turbine, and wave energy.

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